Apitherapy Łyskowo



The facility on wheels for Apitherapy undoubtedly attracts attention.  The characteristic microclimate of the beehive helps to effectively treat many ailments. The benefits of the bee-filtered air can be enjoyed in special apiinhalators, which were created in the village of Lyskowo.        Use of the apiinhalators in the facility is free of charge. Apitherapy is one of the fields of natural medicine dealing with treatment with bee products. The air from a bee hive has therapeutic properties in cases of oral mycosis, respiratory tract diseases and allergies of various kinds. This is made possible by the characteristic microclimate of the bee hive: inside the hive it is warm and humid and there are no bacteria, viruses or pathogenic fungi. In the apiinhalation mobile facility in Łysków, there are two rooms where you can breathe the air from the bee hive. Use of the facility is free of charge.  An additional tourist attraction located right next to the above-mentioned facility is the health trail, which everyone can tackle.   The health trail is a set of equipment designed for various types of exercise