Evangelical Church / Museum of Rural Farming



  • Address: Józefa Wybickiego 1, 83-424 Lipusz
  • Telefon: 586874581

Established in 2002, the Rural Farming Museum is housed in a former Protestant church, built in 1865. More than 300 exhibits have been collected so far. In the museum, visitors can see old household and farm equipment which can no longer be found in modern farmyards. These include kitchen utensils, a mangle, wooden beds, threshing machines, stones for the grinder, flails, horse harnesses, a wooden pump, a flax press, small tools and many others. Fieldwork equipment is also worth seeing, including a horse-digger, several types of harrows and ploughs. Thanks to this site, it is still possible to discover many utilitarian objects that have disappeared from rural homesteads forever.      A fire engine from 1913 can also be seen in front of the headquarters of the volunteer fire brigade.      The museum can be visited by prior appointment by telephone.